Customize Your Land Rover with Genuine Accessories

Want to get away from the crowded city streets and motorways? Get a new Land Rover and customize it with genuine accessories for an effortless drive across the terrain. Adding genuine accessories from an efficient Land Rover dealer enhances the capability of your car and makes it truly a class-leader in the toughest of all terrains. Consequently, you can enjoy a perfect blend of approach and departure, augmented by a suite of innovative technologies. In addition, some of the accessories can provide you unrivalled comfort for your entire family. You can provide an unequalled long-haul comfort to your family members and can get a confidence inspiring environment to drive on. Let’s check out a few Land Rover accessories.

§ Intelligent & Innovative Folding Seats – You may opt for an innovative and intelligent seat fold technology, which will let you reconfigure the second and third row seats with the minimum effort by making use of the controls at the back of your car. The inventive feature allows you to rearrange seats from inside a shop while you are in the line for making the payment for large items, ensuring that your car is rightly configured for accommodating your purchase. You can also include massage seat for the person sitting in the front seat and for yourself driving the car to optimize comfort on a long trip. Moreover, heated seats are available in cars which can be heated and cooled as per your need.

§ In Control Touch Pro Infotainment System – Besides, opting for spacious and flexible seating layout, you can have In Control Touch Pro Infotainment System in your versatile Land Rover. This often includes a large 10-inch touch screen placed high on the centre console with reduced number of switches, delivering a spotless and uncluttered appearance. The crisp graphics and easy-to-navigate menus can offer you the latest navigation and entertainment including door-to-door navigation, sharing the directions to smart phone for letting you complete the journey on foot. Often iOS and Android connectivity come together with 14 -speaker digital surround system, with an added subwoofer and Wi-Fi to give you the ultimate listening experience, while playing music directly from a connected device.

§ 12V Accessory Socket – You may also add 12V accessory sockets to your car to cope with the demands of your family members. Having nine USB sockets on the luxury car models or on integrated Rear Seat Entertainment allows your family members in each seating row to power their smart phones and tablets at the same time with an extensive blend of power supply options.

§ Activity Key Wristband – Another Land Rover accessories for an active family is high-tech Activity Key wristband. You can wear this durable wristband during outdoor activities and can activate it. This lets you enjoy your sports and hobbies without the conventional need to carry the standard key fob. Holding an activity key on the tailgate helps to lock your vehicle, disabling the conventional key, which you can leave in the car safely. Because of which you can run, swim, ride as well as play sports freely without getting worried about the safety of your car. There is nothing to fret over! This is simply because the battery less Activity Key undergoes a rigorous testing to provide competence in extreme environmental conditions. Moreover, the testing ensures that it has the capacity to withstand water to 30 m depth and temperatures from 50 to 125-degree Celsius.

§ Small Item Storage Accessory – You can have the small item storage accessory around the cabin. This will help you to store essentials for your family. You may hold mini iPads with a lid hinging through 180 degrees to function as an armrest even when it is open as well as 2 litre bottles at the hidden armrest storage in the central console. The first-rate cabin storage has mostly been developed with the thought put into the luggage space.

Check out these accessories from the best Land Rover dealer in your town. Choose one of the top Land Rover dealers online, customize your cars with genuine accessories and let your family experience an ultimate comfort on the road. However, you should look for the right Land Rover car dealer to get genuine accessories. Seeking the best Land Rover car dealer will help to perk up your mood while driving through different terrains with your beloved family members. In addition, the genuine accessory can help to enhance the functionality of your vehicle.

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