Five Reasons to Avoid Your Exotic Car Dealer

There are two kinds of exotic car owners, the first category being the people who didn’t really sweat much to own one. The second category people are the ones who have dreamt of owning an exotic car all their lives. They start with putting posters of their favorite cars in their rooms and eventually see cars and only cars everywhere. Their dreams of driving and owning a car that they have been obsessing over years stays within their hearts, while they work all their lives to earn the hard money to buy that car. And finally when the moment arrives, they just stand in total disbelief staring at it rather than drive it! Having dreamt of one thing, and only thing all their life! Yes, an exotic car can do that to some people! If you are one of them, you know what we just described. Anyway, no matter who you are, a car lover or just a crazy rich collector, there’s a lot to know about exotic cars and their dealers before you invest in them. Exotic car dealers can be good people who just do their job for the love of cars or brilliant con men who just eye on the big money that’s involved in this business. So here is a list of things that you should keep in your mind to differentiate between reputed exotic car dealers and con men who just sell cars.

• For a car lover you might know everything about the car’s mechanics, ergonomics, design, power etc. But generally exotic cars are used and the prices of these cars vary a lot over years and your dealer could be robbing you day light by quoting a very unrealistic price. So before contacting your exotic car dealer, make sure you do the research on the prices other dealers are offering for similar cars in your neighboring cities and states. This way you would clearly know if your dealer just wants to make a little extra money off this deal (which is okay by the way!) or is masterminding a total rip off.

• Investigate more the moment you feel your exotic car dealer if he is lying to you. It could be regarding the previous ownership or the way he got his hands on the car. Normally exotic cars are auctioned or traded in and will have seen many owners before. You have the right to be suspicious about the car’s quality and performance when your dealer wouldn’t answer why the car has had so many owners before and tries to take your attention off the topic by acting like a car expert.

• If you are buying an exotic car by trading in another car, make sure you get the maximized value on your old car. Don’t just settle for the fancy words of your dealer and let him make you believe that your car is actually less worthy than what you think it is. There are risks of falling into the traps of negative equity and increasing your financial burdens with this if you are loaning a part of the payment from banks to buy your new car.

• Before you finalize a deal with your exotic car dealer, ensure you have all the ownership details, registration files and other related documents regarding warranty, services and repairs the car has been through before. Just ensure that the car is in its pristine condition and you don’t have to make an additional investment on its repair. Take a test drive compulsorily to know better about the car you are buying.

• Lastly, even before you contact your exotic car dealer, check his online profile and talk to his previous clients and know how their cars are doing. This will give you a better insight on the kind of person you are dealing with and help you negotiate with the prices.

Just because you are spending big money doesn’t mean you can just lavishly throw it away on some worthless dealer. Do your research, take your time and invest carefully. Happy driving!

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