What Is the Role of a Subwoofer Box in a Jeep Audio System?

Do you like playing music while traveling in your car? Getting a jeep gladiator subwoofer box can significantly improve the sound of your music. Subwoofers are available in an endless number of styles. You have the option to purchase a compact subwoofer that can fit under your Jeep seat, or you can go for a massive subwoofer that will fit in the back of your Jeep. By reading this article, you will know about various subwoofer enclosures and their roles in the Jeep audio system. So let us begin.

Subwoofers with integrated amplifiers

Every retailer will ask you whether you have an amplifier or not when you purchase a subwoofer. Subwoofers need more power than speakers. When you decide to buy a subwoofer with an amplifier, you also need to consider how to turn it on. Many amplifiers come with a built-in connection from the aftermarket of the radio. You must buy a system that will automatically turn the subwoofer on when the music plays and turns off when the music stops. You can also mount a remote knob to control the output of the subwoofer.

What bass do you require?

As mentioned earlier, subwoofer enclosures come in varied sizes, ranging from 6.5 inches to 15 inches. You first need to decide how much Jeep space you can devote to the subwoofer system. Some subwoofers can fit under the car seat. But if you have storage compartments under the Jeep seat, then these will not be ideal.

Another most common location is the cargo area or trunk. You can go for vehicle-specific options and can also fit a subwoofer on the side panel of the Jeep, inside or around spare tie, and on the top of a wheel well in Jeep Wrangler. After deciding the location, you need to take care of the fact if the subwoofer in that position will give an adequate output or not. A twelve-inch woofer will be louder than an eight-inch one. Selecting the right bass is thus significant. You can try the voice outputs of various woofers at the shop and then decide which one you need. If you buy a subwoofer with a basic bass today, it is possible to get higher bass by upgrading to a premium subwoofer in the future.

Finishes and styles of enclosures

Depending on the brand of jeep gladiator subwoofer, a variety of styles and finishes are available for enclosures. A simple carpeted enclosure looks better than a raw wood finish but is also expensive compared to others. Grey and black are the most common carpet colors sold. However, you can select vehicle-specific color-matched enclosures as well. Purchasing an enclosure with plastic coating is another cost-effective solution. If you want to buy something expensive, choose from high-gloss painted enclosures. These are designed with embroidered carpet inserts or vinyl inserts. Enclosures are also available with bespoke stitched vinyl or the ones that include acrylic windows and LED lighting.

Design and material of enclosures

A significant amount of pressure gets generated inside a subwoofer enclosure. The vibrations can add-on to this pressure. It makes choosing a sturdy material and an appropriate design of the enclosure vital. Look for bracing inside enclosures to reduce panel vibrations. A dado joint feature will improve the durability of the enclosure and decrease the voice loss chances by air leaks. You can select a stack fab feature for optimizing the subwoofer enclosure in the available space of your Jeep. If you are looking for an under-seat woofer, consider plastic enclosure solutions.

Installation of the subwoofer enclosure

The final thing we are going to talk about here is subwoofer system installation. You need to get a mounting system for the selected enclosure. A loose enclosure can lead to accidents and injuries. An abrupt movement of the enclosure can damage the subwoofer or your Jeep. For power subwoofers, a power cable remains attached to the battery of your Jeep. The technician will integrate the subwoofer with the speakers. In this case, if it is an amplified subwoofer, this step will require additional hardware.

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