Why Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer is a Good Idea?

As of 2017, there were over twenty-five-million automobiles, eight-hundred-thousand motorcycles, and five-hundred-thousand commercial vehicles registered in California. This is to say nothing of foreign vehicles and out-of-state vehicles. These vehicles, of course, play an integral role in the development and maintenance of our economy; they help us do the things we love to do, get to where we need to be, and see the people who mean the most to us. As with any action undertaken in today’s world, however, getting on the road does not come without its risks. If we put the matter in statistical terms for, say, the year 2015, then we see that, for every 100 million miles traveled (if every automobile on a given day were to travel four miles), there is one fatality. This does not, of course, account for non-fatal incidents, of which there are numerous more. Here are a few considerations for the average automobile or motorcycle owner to think about if they are also thinking about hiring a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles, the most populous and traffic-laden city in our state.

Taking Responsibility, Taking Control

When a driver takes the wheel and takes to the road, they are also taking responsibility for their actions while driving. This is why the term ‘car accident’ is somewhat problematic. In more juridical terms, a car accident is known as an automobile collision—after all, an ‘accident’ implies that there is no one to whom blame can be assigned. While an insurer will cover the cost of the undersigned’s liability, thus resulting in replacement of economic damages for you, the other’s insurance will not cover other costs. Under California’s laws, this means that most non-economic costs (that is, damages or losses incurred to non-material resources, such as mental health, personal physical health, etc.) will be irrecoverable. However, a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles should be able to quickly identify the viability of a civil suit against the negligent party (the one who caused the accident), and that indeed can recover these other damages.

Maintaining Control

When the moment strikes and the indescribable wrenching of metal against metal seems to slip right in among your spine’s vertebrae—and the vehicle that had up till that point seemed so securely in your control shows its full potential to harm—you will be assailed by fear, anger, and confusion. A car accident is something so ubiquitously portrayed in various types of media, from film to the news, that we seldom stop and think about what we would do after such a situation. It is important to remain calm for the first few hours—at least—and to get in touch with someone whose profession is to stay calm on your behalf: a car accident lawyer. In this city’s hustle and bustle, a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles will help you preserve your right to legal action, even as your own diligence failed to preserve your safety in the face of another’s negligence.

You can aid your car accident lawyer in the future by remaining calm in the present, just after the accident. Take as many photos of the accident as possible (though not necessarily of the perpetrator). Do, however, take photographic stock of your own injuries. Make sure also to take inventory of any parts of your vehicle or other personal effects that may have been broken away from the main body of your vehicle (exercise caution in doing this, and even request that an officer aid in this task). Also ask the police officers on the scene to provide you with a copy of the accident report; this will save time and money later on when you consult with your car accident lawyer in Los Angeles; it can also more easily help determine whether or not they can take your case in the first place.

Lastly, words matter. The law, after all, is a series of words that provide a basis for the interpretation and judgement of actions. Be wary of what you say at the scene of the accident; you may inadvertently cop to fault. Be polite, accommodating, and direct. This will make your life and the job of your car accident lawyer in Los Angeles far easier.

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