Used Car Buying Tips – Facts You Should Know

Are you looking to get a good deal on a used car? Millions come on the market every year, and, so, you might think, how hard can it be? However, there are several essential facts that you need to know before buying used cars Amherst residents, especially, will benefit from the following tips:

Research and build a list of used cars

It will help to make a list of at least four different car brands that have the features you are looking for and also come within your budget. Find out if these are available in dealerships in your area and shop at different dealers. Read and compare the latest reviews on these models, and also the deals that the different dealers offer. That way, you will be able to find one that is more to your benefit.

Consider getting a certified pre-owned car

Certified pre-owned cars are generally less than five years old. Many carmakers provide long-term warranties on these vehicles, and you can buy them from franchised dealerships. Such vehicles are likely to be more reliable and roadworthy.

Take the used car on a test drive

After you find the used car model that you are interested in, take it for a test drive to assess how it feels and its overall condition. You want a car into which you can fit in comfortably and which is easy to drive. Check if you can tilt and telescope the steering wheel and adjust the driver’s seat and the passenger seats to achieve a better fit.

Switch on the air conditioner to make sure it is in order. Find out if the brakes operate smoothly and if the brake lights, headlights, and turn indicators work as they should. As you drive, check-in the rear-view and side mirror to make sure that there are no blind spots, and you are getting sufficient visibility.

Invest in a pre-purchase car inspection

While the used car may look good and feel comfortable to drive, you need to make sure that it has no underlying issues. That isn’t always apparent in the car history reports. And if there are problems, you should know whether they are fixable and what the overall cost would be. If you are not a car expert, this can be hard to do. And that is why you need to take it to an independent mechanic for a pre-purchase car inspection.

The mechanic will inspect the car engine and transmission and anything else that needs checking and then give you a reliable report. Depending on the outcome of this inspection, you can decide if you want to go ahead with the purchase or not.

Find out about car insurance expenses

Before you buy the used car, call a car insurance agent and ask how much it will cost you to purchase insurance for that specific vehicle. As the costs can vary from model to model, it is good to have a clear idea at the start. Additionally, knowing the insurance expenses will help in comparing product specifics from different companies and allow you to pick the one that is the most financially viable for you.

Get a low-interest loan for the used car

Generally, banks will be more willing to finance your purchase at a low-interest rate if you have a high credit score. However, they will also stipulate that the used vehicle you buy should not be older than five years. To finance older used cars, Amherst residents may have to consider borrowing from other lenders in their area. The dealership might recommend some, or you can search online for those who specialize in car financing and can offer you acceptable loan terms.

Complete the paperwork before you take the used car home

While you might find it tempting to drive the used car home and deal with the paperwork later, don’t be in such a rush. First things first, as they say. Finish up the price negotiation, check the offer sheet and invoice, review the financing terms, and complete other things. Sign the purchase documents only after you are satisfied that everything is correct. There will be plenty of time than to drive your new car home. Drive safely.

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